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Rick Howell Estate, Chasing Shadows, The Art and Philosophy of Rick Howell

CLIENT: Rick Howell Estate

DESCRIPTION: Chasing Shadows, The Art and Philosophy of Rick Howell

Hardcover, clothbound, with dust jacket, 104 pages, 100 full color plates
Written by Rick Howell, foreword by Kevin Macpherson
Printed in Asia, Published June 2017.

Rick Howell’s (1957-2012) conversational prose takes readers on the artist’s journey. Insightful and intimate, Howell speaks with forthright conviction, using his own work as objects for interrogation, and then, in wonderfully unexpected moments, easily turns inward, reflecting on personal joys and frustrations, often using his trademark self-deprecating humor. Chasing Shadows is a concise guide for artists wanting to start painting but too offers much insight for those who have been painting for years. Howell’s approach goes well beyond any how-to book on the market; he begins with a quiet glimpse into his soul then bravely moves forward pressing the notion of what makes one an artist.