Revgen, Business Consulting Services


CLIENT: Revgen, Business Consulting Services

DESCRIPTION: Lobby wall graphics, conference room glass wall signage, office wall graphics

Reception Desk Wall: Graphic vinyl wall covering base, acrylic panels with 2nd surface photographic print, secured with round offset polished nickel fasteners.

Conference Room Glass Wall: Graphic printed, frosted clear adhesive vinyl

Office Walls: Custom graphic adhesive vinyl lettering

Collaboration partner: Helen Young, Enzed

Omnitrax Corp. – Rail Made Easy


CLIENT: Omnitrax Corp. – Rail Made Easy

DESCRIPTION: First floor conference room remodel.

Design, fabricate and install graphic wall coverings, window panels and framed photos to harmonize with new furniture, floor coverings, and video conference monitors.
My goal for this project was to develop a unique look and feel for each room and open space, but also keep an overall connection of the entire space. Using a “connectivity” graphic image as a backdrop, this keeps all the rooms tied together. I thought it would be a nice touch to use framed photos that reflect the theme of each room, Real Estate, Energy or Railway.

I always keep in mind, whatever the project, the client has to live with what I create. Whether it’s a logo, brochure, or company sign, it is always present in my mind. I pay attention to the details to make the final product and client experience the best can be.